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And so the day comes, almost a month after being home, for the final roll of film from our trip. These are back in California, our final days. Breakfast at Katy's (a childhood tradition), including all our silly faces. Yes, Marcus and I proudly wore (different shades of) denim shirts on the same day. Tom had a little too much fun giving the baby nutcracker king napkin arms and a scepter. Outside my dads house, everyone decided to get a little patriotic under the flag...they look like crazies. The next few were on the way to the airport with some sad goodbyes. And the last few are from the sky, just before we flew over LA. I guess that concludes this little series. Now to deal with my post-post-travel-blues.

There were lots of things that weren't captured, like a lot of Portland with family, our San Jose Sharks ice hockey game, New Years Eve celebrations, skiing on Christmas Eve, our Christmas Day activities and feast, I could go on. But that was mostly because I was far too busy having an incredible time to even think of picking up my camera. It's hard because you tell yourself you want to capture every moment so you can remember it forever. But this truth is, sometimes that takes you away from actually enjoying the moment. So I'm not sorry, because I have so many wonderful memories that I couldn't possibly forget. And if I do, maybe next time we're all together we can remind each other. Apologies for the sentimental rant, after going on unbelievable adventures with my favourite people in the world I can't help but reflect on how blessed I really am.



cool, family, fashion, film, i love, inspiration, my photography, talented familyJasmine HolmComment

The first few images are from a cute little cafe in Monterey called Happy Girl Kitchen, everyone was sitting around drinking coffee being cute and festive with the holly sprawled across the table. That same day we all decided a road trip to Santa Cruz was necessary. So off we went, with the sun roof open to enjoy some sweet California sunshine. We found our way to the boardwalk, where it was impossible not to take thousands of photos in the magical light.