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Alas, I have encountered another few moments of time to finish my New Zealand memoir ;)

Big thanks to Elize for all her wonderful recommendations — a favourite being Peak Espresso. Such a good little spot, and the greatest coffee. I took a quick snap to remember the spot, but Elize captured it so very nicely so please have a drool at hers.

Continuing the engagement celebrations (because a mountain top champagne party followed by an extremely swanky dinner is most definitely not enough), the next day we went to Amisfield Winery for lunch. We sat outside in the glorious sunshine, and had the 'trust the chef' banquet. My oh my. Between courses, we bathed in the sunlight and took a few too many photos of each other. I hope you enjoy my casual 'oh this? this is just my brand new engagement ring' pose. Yes, we did switch chairs for this shot.

We managed to stuff ourselves right to the brim, and after a short drive to Arrowtown we couldn't muster the energy to do anything but nap under a tree. In no mood to explore the town, we decided we would continue on, and stop in on the way back when we felt a little less like grizzly bears — in all the ways imaginable. We made it to Wanaka a little before sunset, stopping briefly at the lake then heading to our campsite.