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This day — Tuesday, 30 September 2014 — was by far the best. The morning started off with a lovely drive to Glenorchy. Marcus and I drove all around, stopping to make friends with a pretty white horse, trek through forests, dance in fields, and devour some wonderful sunshine. It was such a pleasant day, but we were mostly excited to get back to Queenstown and have a mountain-top picnic to celebrate three years of being together.

We got the skyline gondola up Bob's Peak, where we were hoping to find a nice spot to plant ourselves. A little disappointed with how many tourists were around, we set out on an impromptu hike through the Ben Lomond Reserve which led us up to a landing for paragliding. The views were just breathtaking (literally though — we had no water), and then we spotted a small beaten track which takes you up further. 

We eventually stopped hiking, and found an epic spot to set up our picnic. Somewhere between the photo of me holding a bottle of champagne, and the photo of my ring clad finger, my best friend and love of my life asked me to marry him!

A boozy trek back down the mountain followed our sky-high celebration, all the way to Botswana Butchery to continue feasting, drinking and celebrating a thousand more years together!