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I'll admit these photos were taken around my house, mostly my room, in a dash to use up the roll of film in my camera so I could get my travel photos developed immediately.

1. Some favourite memories from 2013; my 21st invitation, a card from Marcus, a photobooth strip from the Ace Hotel in Portland with Brooke & Marcus, and a little gold foiled card saying 'you're cute' that I found somewhere in New York. 2. A painting Marcus created for me 3. The beginnings of my Aesop collection 4. My Madewell purchases from San Francisco 5. A bracelet from my dad, paired with a wallet from my mum — both given to me while in America 6. Part of my bookshelf 7. My beloved Elvis portrait 8. Marcus' messy bed 9, 10 & 11. Some silly self portraits