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San Francisco. You glorious city you. Having been to SF many times, this trip was actually the first time I got to stay for more than one day. And I have to say it was one of my most favourite places. We stayed in the Mission District in the most amazing open plan studio apartment from airbnb (click here to have a look), complete with the prettiest garden and some giant neighbourhood cat friends. We only had four days, but we certainly made the most of it. The Mission District is a super rad place, you just have to be weary of the mass zombie-like-homeless (we are convinced that if the zombie apocalypse is going to start anywhere — it will be San Francisco without a doubt). We went to so many tasty restaurants, a few favourites were Stable Cafe, Tacolicious (the besttttt tacos and soup) and the Cheesecake Factory (as always). One of the days we hired bikes, ignored all logic, and instead of taking the suggested route to all the sights, we decided to bike across town and see all the things on our lists that we couldn't get to without a car. This got us into lots of tricky situations (ie. DEATH hills, things being much further than expected, running out of 3G/phone battery and thus no maps...just to name a few) but was actually a super rad way to see a lot of the suburbs surrounding the city and all the pretty muted pastel coloured buildings.