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More from Yosemite. It's really hard to put into words how amazing this national park is. The three of us — Brooke, Marcus and I — escaped early on a Sunday morning from Monterey, arriving in the mountain range by the afternoon. We drove around (stopping every minute because there were too many amazing photo opportunities) until it got dark and then made our way back to our little cabin at Evergreen Lodge (highly recommended!). The next morning we rose early, packed up the car and got ready for our hike. Because it was so icy, the main trail was closed and we had to take the winter route. In 2011, we did the main hike in summer so it was so lovely to see the mountains from a different perspective. By the time we got to the top, there was so much delightful snow! We wish we would have stayed for a few more days, but had an apartment booked in San Francisco that night.

If you are planning a trip to California, I can't recommend Yosemite enough!