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New York

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I didn't come back this time with too many rolls of film. Just a few moments here and there when it was convenient to have a camera. We stayed for three weeks, about a week upstate, a week in Brooklyn and a week in Manhattan. Not pictured — surprising my sister with our arrival, (and squeezing my two sisters who live in the US non-stop who I desperately miss), me snowballing down the slopes while skiing, numerous bonfires, hot tub hangs and tasty feasts upstate, the incredible art at Dia:Beacon, dancing all night at House of Yes, Michael J Fox at our basketball game, at least five oyster happy hours, Seth Meyers live, countless dreamy retail interiors, galleries for days in Chelsea, and so so so many moments that revealed the general best-ness that is New York ♡ 

Euromoon / London

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The last of our travels through Europe! Highlights: ultimate hangs, stays and lobster eating with my sister Cydney and her boyfriend Tom (best humans possible); so, so many great galleries – especially Raven Row and White Cube; Five Guys Burgers and Fries (srsly...do it); admiring all the ladies sneakers in Pam Pam; mushroom sandwiches and tasty coffees at Broadway Market; and our night out (and all the beverages) with some new friends we met in Santorini. I must admit we were tired, running out of money and looking forward to coming home, but London was a really fun sendoff! Images taken by myself and Marcus Hollands

Euromoon / Paris

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Paris was our absolute favourite, a little cliche I know. It sort of felt like Melbourne, but better. The design, in all senses, exceed any and all of my expectations. We stayed in Le Marais and found it incredibly inspiring and convenient; wondering the streets mostly by foot and bicycle. Our favourite eats; Cafe Charlot – for burgers, fries and artichoke the size of your face, Liberté Patisserie Boulangerie – the best granola we've ever had (I try to recreate it almost weekly), Monsieur Bleu – for a swish meal and delicious Joseph Dirand interiors, all the baguettes, all the croissants and all the nutella crepes (and I mean all of them). We were so amazed by the usual; Pompidou, Palais de Tokyo, Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and of course seeing some of Anish Kapoor's work at Versailles, but somewhere that really took us by surprise was Fondation Louis Vuitton. The building is beyond dreamy and the collection was just too good. There was so, so much more but this post is already getting long. By far the hardest place to leave, and the first place we want to return. Au revoir, for now

Images taken by myself and Marcus Hollands

Euromoon / Positano

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The first image is actually from Florence, at a lovely place we stumbled across called La Ménagére. Not enough images for a single post, because sadly our time in Florence was cut short. But oh my Positano! Driving along the Amalfi Coast had to be one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Taking in so much beauty and feeling nothing but pure excitement and happiness. Notables: the ultimate cliffside lifestyle, that bluey-purple hue, perfect rows of beach umbrellas, my first Negroni, pizza and cocktails on the beach, swims at dusk and dawn, all of the gelato, that family on the beach that fed us watermelon, never wanting to put the camera down because everything is so, so wonderful and never wanting to leave! Images taken by myself and Marcus Hollands.

Euromoon / Venice

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Oh Venice! Highlights: the colours and textures, secret nooks and passages, never-ending daylight, outdoor dining on every footpath, Fondazione Prada round two, a daily serving of gelato, Coca-Cola with ice and lemon, and of course the Venice Biennale. Lows – enduring long bus and ferry rides jam-packed with tourists, the inescapable heat, and the joy of going to Lido Beach followed by the great disappointment of the lukewarm, murky water. We had such a mixed experience, terrible luck salvaged by incredible luck in just a few short days – a story I won't even trouble you with. I'm looking forward to going back one day...but definitely in Winter. Images by myself and Marcus Hollands.

Euromoon / Milan

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Milan! The city I never expected to love. So much charm, and the locals are genuinely fabulous. In just two short days, I was captured by: the people and their attire, Ponkj Espresso Bar — for the espresso, pistachio croissants and excellently loud Italian music, Fondazione Prada + Cafe Luce for exceeding all expectations, marble street signs and so, so many Aperol Spritz. Above images taken by myself and Marcus Hollands.


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I can't believe it's been over a year since I have posted! But what a year it's been. In short, I got married, I went on an epic five week European honeymoon, and I moved to Sydney! Now here I am, finally with a moment to share film from our incredible adventure. Starting in Santorini, the most glorious place I have ever seen. Highlights: Delightful breakfast brought to our terrace, sunrise and sunset gradients like you wouldn't believe, the whitest of whites and the bluest of blues, beautiful Greek humans, sailing, swimming, sun-dried octopus, and cigars and cocktails with new friends. The above images were taken by myself and Marcus Hollands.

Twenty Two

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I'm lucky enough to have a birthday that falls around Melbourne Cup, which usually means a four day long weekend. I woke up to a mountain of delightfully coloured Acne packaging, was taken to breakfast at the Kettle Black (current obsession — this is why), on to a picnic in Carlton Gardens to soak up the delightful sunshine and some tasty D.O.C. delicatessen, a lovely dinner with Marcus at The Town Mouse (this has become a birthday tradition), then finally for drinks with the family. A day that revolved around drinking and dining, but really, what could be better?

Celine sunglasses / Base Range shirt / búl skirt and shoes / State of Folly bag.

NZ / Roll Six

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It was our second last day, and so we drove back from Lake Tekapo to Queenstown. Feeling like humans again, we managed to explore and appreciate Arrowtown for the lovely place that it is. 

Back in Queenstown, we supposed it would be wrong to leave without having Fergburger (I have never seen a burger so large in all my life.) So we sat outside under a heater while it politely snowed on us. The very last shot was from our beloved Frankton Motorcamp on the lake, the morning we left. I think it perfectly captures how we felt leaving.

This is my official goodbye to New Zealand, who has stolen a piece of my heart and scattered it across the South Island. Thanks for reading x